Finding someone to be with is hard. You have to like them and they have to like you back and ticking those two boxes is harder than it sounds. But you know what is really easy? Blaming the other party.

Watch. “I’m great. No one can handle my greatness.” See? Easy.

An alternative method is to put all the blame on yourself. “I’m the worst. No one will ever love me.”

Now, there is some debate as to the more annoying method. Personally I find the first option to be more obnoxious but I understand its popularity. 

  1. Show me what you got!

  2. The conversations are riveting though

  3. You should see a doctor for that

  4. Can't hold me down

  5. Go get your dog back

  6. Truth

  7. I think I see the problem here

  8. Plus it will never leave you

  9. Some day though

  10. Preach

  11. Fan fiction sets unrealistic

  12. I think this has an easy fix

  13. This is surprisingly accurate

  14. Can't get to the middle of that Venn Diagram

  15. You need to get out more

  16. Sometimes it is better to throw something out than try to fix it

  17. Have you tried a new mirror

  18. Keep up if you can

  19. Well, sell better milkshakes then

  20. You are in good company

  21. Watch me howl

  22. This is very visual

  23. Just find someone who does the same

  24. That's the spirt

  25. The internet will destroy us all

  26. Oh. I see what went wrong here.

  27. Sounds sexy

  28. Mmm. Yeah. Hard pass.

  29. Or this level of confidence

  30. I'm sure

  31. It is hard to be a tweener

  32. I know I want to hook up

  33. The curse is real

  34. Some people are into that though

  35. Okay. Will do.