When my wife and I found out she was pregnant, we were shocked. We totally weren’t planning on having a kid and even used birth control (Generess FE, it doesn’t work so hot). For a split second though I thought that she might’ve not taken the pill on purpose to try and have a kid super early. But it didn’t make sense to me, she was still relatively young and not only that, but, we were newly married and didn’t have the chance to really “enjoy” ourselves.

Well, two years later and we have an amazing little son and it turns out he is the best thing to ever happen to me. And even if my wife confessed years down the line that she decided not to take her Generess FE, I really couldn’t be that mad. I mean, we planned on having kids anyway.

These women anonymously admitted to baby-trapping their men and they don’t seem to feel too broken up about it either.

  1. I got pregnant on purpose to keep him from leaving. We have been together for 5 years. He still doesn't know.
  2. Got pregnant on purpose to save our relationship... It totally worked :)
  3. I wanted to have children and he didn't. So I got pregnant on purpose and pretended it was an accident.
  4. My boyfriend thinks that I got pregnant on birth control. In reality, I haven't taken my birth control in months. I just really wanted a baby.
  5. Poked holes in the condoms and now Im pregnant. He's not leaving now, it worked
  6. Hate me all you want but I purposely got pregnant so he'd leave his girlfriend. It worked better than I thought.
  7. I want to remove my IUD and get pregnant by my boyfriend. To trap him.
  8. trying to get pregnant with my boyfriend and figure out how to leave my husband
  9. I trapped him by getting pregnant to have financial stability for the rest of my life. Yesterday i found out the baby isnt even his! I'm not gonna tell him tho...
  10. Stopped using my birth control. I am gonna trick him into having a baby with me 👪
  11. I got pregnant at 10 months of dating my husband. I'll never know if I "trapped" him even though he says he isnt.
  12. I'm purposely trying to get pregnant by my boyfriend because I'm scared he's going to leave me for his child's mother. I feel lost.
  13. I got pregnant on purpose so my boyfriend wouldn't leave me
  14. He told me he will always be there if I got pregnant, so I want to have one so i know ill never lose him.
  15. I got pregnant so my boyfriend would marry me. It worked. Now I wish I werent married. :(
  16. I got pregnant so my husband wouldn't leave me to go far away to Grad school. My secret, I got pregnant after I told him I was.
  17. My mom hated my boyfriemd. I got pregnant so I could have a reason to marry him ❤ we have a beautiful family and I am so happy with him.
  18. I told him to come in me because I want his baby. He thinks I'm on birth control. I'm pregnant.
  19. I lied to my bf that I was on birth control & I got pregnant on purpose
  20. I've been trying to get pregnant by my married boyfriend for a year. I think if I have a baby he will leave his wife for me.
  21.  I got pregnant on purpose to keep him. 13 years later and he is still here...
  22. I took out my IUD. I hope I get pregnant next time I see him. He wants a baby. I want him.