If there's one thing that the election of Donald Trump proved about many women in America, it's that they don't really care how a man speaks to them. Maybe women who voted for Trump believe that the President-elect is capable of fixing problems that are bigger than sexism, but the fact remains that an overwhelming amount of women voted for The Donald despite his controversial remarks made about the fairer sex.

It's a topic that many are discussing, and got me to thinking what exactly is considered a "deal breaker" to most women in relationships.

So when I saw these info-graphs created by the Sapio team on relationship dealbreakers, I just had to take a look.

They surveyed over 2,000 people on their relationship "musts or busts." It turns out that any kind of cheating is the top dealbreaker for most people.


Interestingly enough, women were more likely to forgive cheating than men.


It also turns out that the longer couples stay together, the less bothered they are by physical and emotional abuse.


People looking for casual dating and hooking up are most turned off by racist and intolerant people.


And female millennials were most turned off by sexist dudes, with racism and intolerance at the top for both men and women.


Cheating and physical abuse top the list for divorce among married partners.



The area where people were the least concerned with cheating is New England.


So Virginia may be for lovers, but Massachusetts is for cheaters, I guess? You can check out more info by hitting up Sapio's blog here. (h/t get sapio)