The sex industry, both legal and illegal, is absolutely gigantic around the world. It's so huge, that entrepreneur Bradley Charvet can open up a fellatio cafe where guys can pop in the morning for a cup of coffee.

This idea isn't exactly new. The world's sex-tourism capital, Thailand, contains tons of these escort cafes where people can get a prostitute to perform oral sex on them while they sip a hot cup of brew.

But Charvet's cafe differs in that it won't be human beings pleasuring customers, but robots.

That's right, ro-blow-jobs, coffee, and pastries will be the specialty of Charvet's cafe. He got the idea from a doctor's claim about mornings and ejaculation.


Debby Herbenick's book Because it Feels Good proposes that sex is the perfect way for men to start the day. And where most people would fantasize about all the nasty stuff they'd like to do during their morning commute, Charvet fantasized about potential business plans.

And if you're wondering, "why robots?" well, because for Charvet, it's a necessity. In Switzerland, human sex workers are fine, but for his proposed London cafe, they're not.


"Brothels with human workers in London are not legal. Robots were not a choice. And it’s not ridiculous to think about this idea right now. You could not imagine how many people are ready to give sex robots a try in 2016. We asked thousands of potential customers and they were very curious and eager. There is an opportunity in being the first to provide that service." He said in an interview with Inverse.

The ever-improving technology of sex dolls means that Charvet's vision might become a reality. He even has some suppliers in mind.


Currently he only plans to have female models of the blowjob robot dolls available in the cafes, but isn't ruling out men who are interested in getting oral sex by a male-skinned sex-vacuum.

A cup of coffee and ro-blow-job will cost about $75, and Charvet expects most clients will just get serviced at the bar.


There will be two private "box-like" areas for people who don't want to get their jimmies rustled will sitting right to another dude, trying his best to focus on his cup of coffee and ejaculating before work.

If this is the future, I'll gladly stay in the past. (h/t inverse)