Imagine if you will a time when something called “TheFacebook” was some nonsense network that was only for Ivy League kids to log on and network with each other even more than they normally did. That was around the time I went to college.

No Twitter, no Instagram, and the only leaks anyone ever cared about were of celebrities and came in the form of tabloid articles and Grokster videos.

It was during that time that being a cam girl was easier to hide. I know, because I went to school with a few girls who did it to make some cash. 

There was one girl that was in a group of mine during the semester, whose online alias was Selphie, named after a character from a popular videogame as the term ‘selfie’ was still years away from being coined.

Unlike the other girls who only had their side hustle leaked to the masses through a vengeful ex, she was pretty open about discussing it, and even showed me her setup. The off computer webcam set her back almost $300 at the time, but that was her only expense since access to the internet at school was free.

She had a bunch of plush dolls, snacks, and posters imported from Japan decorating the room that also doubled as her props. She had a closet filled with different cosplay outfits, all either very skimpy or very tight, and pretty much just flirted with guys in their chat. It was more akin to what you would see on Twitch nowadays than anything else.

What I couldn’t believe was that guys were giving her coins like mad if she would stand up and twirl, say their name, hold up a sign with their name on it, along with a few other things she’d do with a posted rate on top of the chatroom itself. We’re talking an easy $1500 a week.

Eventually, folks figured out how to record livestreams and when Facebook came around, someone uploaded video of her and it spread within the school pretty quickly. It put an end to her cam days, not because she was embarrassed, but because her product was being distributed for free.

She always said that she worked hard to make that money, and it was a hell of a lot better than working at Hooters or manning the front desk at a gym. She isn’t alone in that sentiment, either.

The stigmatization of working in the sex industry surprises no one, includes those employed within it. But what about cam girls? They’re not having sex with anyone, and the arrangement between them and their ‘donors’ is pretty clear cut. 21 girls that work as cam girls address just that in these anonymous Whispers.

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  1. Being a cam girl is hard... some days I love it but there are times where I really hate doing it and now people automatically assume I'm a slut.
  2. I'm a web cam girl and I'm scared that one day I'll get discovered by someone I know
  3. I wish I could tell my husband I was a cam girl I make damn good money.
  4. I'm not in the least bit ashamed of being a cam girl while in college. Better than flipping burgers or working retail for minimum wage. Now that, I'd be ashamed of.
  5. As a cam girl I am always having to explain that I'm not a prostitute, and don't do videos with random men. You'd think this would be common sense.
  6. I'm a cam girl. When I'm faking orgasm for a customer I 'm thinking of how much money I'm making off him. OH GOD indeed.
  7. being a cam girl is so fun and satisfying especially when my boyfriend is at work
  8. I'm a web cam girl and I love it more than any job I've ever had. No regrets
  9. I just became a webcam girl and I'm nervous about how long it will take for me to get good at it. I hope it boosts my confidence
  10. I'm a cam girl. I have no idea why guys like camming or why they pay for it, but it's putting me through college.
  11. I'm a cam girl. I hate having to keep it a secret from my family. It's well paying and stable, but they'd rather I be miserable at some place like Walmart.
  12. I'm a cam girl and it's ruined a lot in my life but it's the only thing that makes me happy as crazy as that sounds
  13. My dad now knows I'm a cam girl because he went to the site and saw me on it. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
  14. Being a cam girl made me feel like masturbation wasn't for me anymore. As if it was something I only did for those watching me, and never for myself alone in bed.
  15. Yes, being a cam girl I choose to objectify myself. But you still have the ability to treat me as more than just my body.
  16. The only way I can deal with being a cam girl is being high during my shows.
  17. I really love being a cam girl. I know what I'm doing, and I'm good at it. Why should I be ashamed?
  18. I like being a cam girl. I don't care about the money I just find it exciting.
  19. I like being a cam girl and I get good money from it, but I hate how it takes FOREVER for someone to finally tip.
  20. During the day I'm a stay at home mom, at night I'm a cam girl, I don't need the money, I do it for fun.
  21. I have a degree and a high IQ. I still chose to be a stripper and a cam girl. I make more money than I ever would in a 'real' job.