There’s no single thing that makes amazing sex amazing. Well, there is, and that’s enthusiasm, but expressed, honest enthusiasm makes it really, really, good. It’s a combination of sights, sounds, touches, you get the idea.

So what happens when one of our senses are completely left out of the equation? Like sound? If you’ve ever watched a bad porno, it’s true that overly exaggerated screaming can be just as unnerving as hearing the sound of utter silence.

But sometimes an utter lack of noise from our partner can really spoil the mood. These people who are quiet in the sack confess what it’s like to have their lips sealed while in the bedroom.

  1. My guy complains that I'm too quiet in bed, that I should loosen up, when really, he hasn't given me anything to scream about
  2. I'm completely silent during sex. My husband is worried about it.
  3. I wish I wasn't so silent during sex. Girls say they love hearing guys moan, but years of silent masturbation has made me silent as a mouse.
  4. I'm really quiet during sex and my man wants me to moan more, but I don't know how. I think the way porn stars moan sounds really stupid.
  5. I'm silent during sex. I'm a big pillow biter.
  6. I don't moan during sex. Guys always complain I'm too quiet but I feel like fake moaning is stupid.
  7. My boyfriend gets mad because I never moan or talk during sex. I'm basically silent the entire time, even when I orgasm.
  8. I'm a girl, Is it weird that I stay silent when I'm having sex? I just feel like I'm being too vulnerable if I make noise.
  9. I am extremely quiet in bed and my boyfriend worries he's not pleasing me like no I just don't see the point in screaming.
  10. I don't moan during sex, ever. It doesn't matter how good the guy is, I'm absolutely silent. I communicate my pleasure with body language.
  11. I always try to remain silent during sex. Feel too vulnerable and less manly when my moans slip out. It's kind of embarrassing.
  12. I always feel inadequate during sex because I'm so silent and almost never make a sound and I fear that my partner will be too bored with me but I can't even fake them because it sounds just awful
  13. I'm totally silent during sex. I think it hurts my husband's feelings.
  14. I never make a sound during sex, I try extra hard to be silent. I feel awkward, everyone hates it :(
  15. I don't like to make noise during sex because I hate my voice
  16. I never make noise during sex. I don't think it's weird
  17. I think I moan more when I eat food than when I'm having sex
  18. I never moan during sex because I think I'm going to turn the girl off
  19. I don't understand why women make so much noise and moan so loud having sex in movies...I'm pretty much silent
  20. Sometimes I could be silent the whole time while having sex but I feel bad for the guy