For me, whenever I'm initially rejected or criticized, I want to get defensive or put the other person down. At my worst, I settle for that and don't do anything to make the situation better. At my best, I take it as an opportunity to think how I'm coming off and whether or not the criticism is warranted. If it isn't, I think of a polite way to ignore the person and let them be on their merry way. If they've got a point, however, I apologize profusely and take that as an opportunity to fix whatever I just did.

It doesn't always work, because my default reaction is always to go off on someone and, like I said, get all pissy and defensive. But then that only makes me feel bad about myself.

But seeing how crazy this dude got when someone "blew them off" made me feel a lot better about myself.

Because there was just no stopping his rant once he got started. It'll make you think twice about ever responding to a crazy person.

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It seems that he became salty after it was apparent that whoever he was talking to on this dating app wasn't interested in him.

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He keeps telling the dude he met on the dating app that he's "done" with him, yet can't stop texting him to massage his hurt ego.

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But what's this...a sudden change of heart?!

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...and he's back to getting pissed off after stalking the guy's OkCupid profile page and taking a status update as a dig towards him.


I mean, which it probably was, but can't this guy see that it's completely deserved?

12 13

He makes the logical conclusion that because this dude isn't having sex with him, that he's probably not having sex with anyone else, either.

14 15

And he points out aaalllll the sex he's getting to make this guy jealous.

16 17

And drops the f-bomb...the other f-bomb...


For which he apologizes.

19 20

Well, his unique way of apologizing.


And he finally gets a response, but it isn't one that's to his liking.


So he goes insane...again.

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Holy hell. Never, ever, ever give your number out to a crazy person. You're probably better off blocking them. Then again, you wouldn't get all of these gems of screenshots to share with the rest of the web. (all images found on imgur)