High school sex ed, while wholly inadequate, did give us an in-depth understanding one thing: the dangers of sexual intercourse. Many of us will never forget those nightmare-inducing diagrams and presentations about the various infections (some fatal, apparently!) we could contract from any illicit backseat-of-the-car activities.

However, in that long list of the exaggerated evils of sex, teachers forgot one other danger: property damage. If you’re really giving the deed 100% effort, things tend to get jostled around. And, sometimes, they break. Luckily, such accidents make stories. 

People opened up to Whisper about the various things they’ve broken during sex… and we can’t decide if we’re horrified or inspired. 

  1. Got a back massage from my boyfriend and it turned into awesome sex, except we knocked his laptop off the bed and it broke right as we finished
  2. We broke the bed while having sex. We heard a crack, laughed and kept going.
  3. My boyfriend and I had sex in the shower this morning. He got aggressive. We broke the shower door. I feel proud...
  4. My boyfriend and I broke our air mattress because we were too rough during sex.....I'm proud, yet a bit upset
  5. Me and my bf tried having sex in the shower tonight..he picked me up and suddenly he was falling backwards and I was going straight down. He broke my sink and I think my head is broken.
  6. My boyfriend and I broke the wall going into his neighbors apartment , while having sex.
  7. I had sex on my car and cracked my windshield. I've been telling people a rock hit it.
  8. my boyfriend and I were having sex in the bathroom at my work and broke the toilet..
  9. I broke my lamp right before I got a charlie horse during sex. But.. the sex was good thats all that matters right?
  10. I broke my bed frame during sex, now I have to sleep with my mattress on the floor until I can buy a new one
  11. I broke the headboard on my bed while having sex one time. I told my mom my little sister must have been jumping on my bed.
  12. I thinking having sex on my washer is what broke it lol
  13. I just had sex with my boyfriend against the wall and we broke a hole in the wall because I jerked my head back 👀👀👀
  14. We broke the sink having sex on it. So we moved to the bed and then broke it too.
  15. My phone broke during sex and now i use my tablet. When my mom asked how the screen got cracked i was like oh shit..😅
  16. My Bf and I broke the recliner at my moms having sex on it.
  17. Just broke the door in backwards while having sex with my girlfriend... Cops showed up because they thought I was beating her... Most awkward thing to explain...
  18. Last night my husband and I broke the second part of our sectional couch while having sex on it. We broke the first part of it earlier this year. Oops.
  19. I was having sex with my bf in a chair and we went so hard we broke the fucking chair.