If you’ve attended a high school health class, then you’re probably aware of what an STD is. One quick picture of fungus on a vagina, or weird bumps on a penis tip will do enough to make anyone want to swear off sex for a few days. All right, it’s more like hours. It doesn’t change the fact that sexually transmitted diseases are scary as hell though.

They’re somehow made even worse when you discover you have an STD from a partner that’s cheating. Because not only was the trust in your relationship destroyed, but now you’re walking around with a constant reminder of their unfaithfulness and your crappy relationship.

These people suffered from these added insult to injury in their own relationships and just how crappy it made them feel.

  1. I found out my husband was cheating because I got an STD.
  2. I'm trying to figure out a way to let my husband know he probably has an STD but I don't want him to know it came from me.
  3. I got tested for STDs before I got married 9 months ago. Now I have one... I didn't cheat and I'm pretty sure my husband didn't cheat... I'm freaking out.
  4. My wife gave me herpes and I resent her everyday of my life for it.
  5. My husband gave me herpes 3 years into our marriage. We've been married 15 now, I wish I would've left back then, but here I am. He's had multiple affairs & I believed he didn't know he had herpes back then.
  6. My husband gave me a STD that will be with me the rest of my life. I don't know how to handle this. Is my life over? I'm in love with him. This hurts.
  7. My husband had an affair, got her pregnant and gave me an std. I decided not to leave and I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone.
  8. My husband gave me chlamydia now I can't have any kids, I feel like ending it all
  9. My husband gave me chlamydia then blamed me...When we both already knew he was cheating.
  10. My first husband gave me chlamydia after cheating on me. I called the girl he cheated with to let her know to get checked. Then I served him with divorce papers.
  11. My husband gave me chlamydia at 8 months pregnant. I know I should not feel ashamed because it wasn't my fault but it made me feel like a lesser woman
  12. My husband tested positive for an STD. He accused me of cheating and tried to bully me into a nonexistent confession. Gig's up asshole, I tested negative.
  13. my husband gave me chlamydia and I suffered a miscarriage due to the complications..... it was twins
  14. My husband gave me herpes via oral sex (genital HSV1). He gets cold sores on his lips. I forgave him, but was worried he would catch it on his penis. He said "For you, I would catch any disease."
  15. My husband gave me herpes. I was going to warn his girlfriend about it. But she's a bitch so I hope she learns in the E.R. like I did.
  16. My husband brought home an STD and he still expects me to "obey" my wedding vows. Fuck that.
  17. My husband doesn't understand why I'm not ready to see him. I haven't seen him since he cheated on me and gave me an STD. I don't think I'll ever be ready to see him again.
  18. My husband gave me herpes and now we're getting divorced. I'm scared that no one will want to be with me when I'm ready to have a relationship again.
  19. My husband gave me chlamydia. I stayed with him for our kids. I found out today he's been messaging other girls on Facebook, and I'm not even mad. I don't love him enough to get hurt over it.
  20. My husband thinks he's the one who gave me the STD, but I actually gave it to him. He's not the only one who can cheat!
  21. My husband got an STD and he expects me to believe it was from toilets at work. I'm not that stupid, but I have no other concrete proof he cheated.
  22. Found out my husband gave me Chlamydia, I'm three months pregnant. I hate the father of my child.
  23. Got STD from my wife and now she left me for someone else...
  24. There is no chance in hell I'm telling my wife I have an std. I'm just not gonna say anything then blame it on her later.