The biggest regret I have in my life is getting my son circumcised. Yes, it’s true that the majority of American men have circumcised penises and in pretty much every adult film out there the dudes are rocking snipped foreskins. There’s the belief that circumcised penises are also more sanitary, but newer data reveals that foreskins exist on our bodies for a reason and that it’s better for penises to be kept “intact”.

I caved in an got him snipped because I didn’t want girls being weirded out by his penis when he got older, but seeing how much pain he was in while the doc put him under the knife is something I’ll never forget putting his tiny baby body through.

So now he’s got equipment that looks like his dad’s. But I always wondered what it’s like living with an uncircumcised penis. Thankfully, there were plenty of uncut men willing to share all of the ups and downs of living with an attached foreskin.

  1. I hate being uncircumcised, girls don't prefer us and the media makes fun of us. I want to feel secure for once..
  2. Sometimes I wonder what my sex life would be like if I was circumcised.
  3. I'm uncircumcised I feel like women are scared of it sometimes.
  4. I'm uncircumcised My friend said I have the cutest penis she's ever seen ... I know she meant it as a compliment, but it doesn't feel like one
  5. Everytime I go to have sex with a new girl I'm worried about her reaction to I'm uncircumcised
  6. I'm uncircumcised and no one ever made fun of me for it, and I have never even had any comments about it from sexual partners except for saying "this is a first for me"
  7. I'm uncircumcised and I've slept with plenty of girls. Some of them found it gross, but for the most part I've gotten more positive reactions than negative.
  8. I'm uncircumcised. I heard that guys that have it done, lose that sensitive feeling around the head cause there's no hood to cover it. I like mine the way it is.
  9. I'm uncircumcised but I wish otherwise. There's the stigma that it's unclean and partners have to adjust to it
  10. I have been dumped because I'm uncircumcised
  11. What is so wrong with being uncircumcised?! It's been such an issue in my sex life
  12. Being uncircumcised made me really self conscious. To this day it still embarrasses me
  13. Last weekend I was dumped for being uncircumcised. The best part: she's a committed feminist who vehemently disagrees with FGM!
  14. When I was younger I was always scared too hook up being uncircumcised then I realized its wayyyy better that way!
  15. As a guy, being uncircumcised is like being a new toy to a girl. Some of them just haven't seen an uncut guy before.
  16. I'm uncircumcised. Women I date always seem so surprised by that. So many have never been with an uncut man.
  17. I'm uncircumcised and always felt awkward about it. It's kinda weird telling a girl before she sees it.
  18. I'm uncircumcised and I don't like it. I feel like the odd-man out. It's a big reason I don't have any confidence.
  19. I'm uncircumcised and extremely insecure about my penis. I just got over a UTI I had for a month and a half because I'm not circumcised.
  20. I'm uncircumcised and feel extremely insecure about it so I always pull back my foreskin before having sex
  21. I thought about getting circumcised but I'm afraid I won't enjoy sex anymore...
  22. I'm uncircumcised and proud of it, but the one time I got walked out on makes me self conscious and I tell women before we have so I don't get embarrassed again.
  23. I'm uncircumcised and I've never had a problem with it and neither have my GFs. It requires a bit more cleaning but not once has someone complained. I don't think it's such a bad thing.