Dads can be so embarrassing. There are the ones who claim that it was better back in their day, you know, the "good old days." Then there are the ones who try so hard to prove they're "cool" and "hip." And then, there's this dad. THE MOST AWESOME DAD IN ALL THE LAND. 

This dad can "nae nae" with the best of them. Unfortunately, the "best of them" does not include his unsuspecting two daughters. Mike Jones, secretly danced in the background while his two girls, who are 12 and 10, recorded their video.

It takes one entire minute and 20 seconds until the sisters realized that they've been upstaged by their father. 


Since posting the video to Facebook, the video has gone viral. Jones told dJournal that his daughters were at first a little peeved that he ruined their video:

Their first reaction was they were mad and thought I ruined their video. I always jump in their videos, but once we posted it and their friends starting messaging them saying they saw them on the Internet, now it’s the greatest thing in the world.

Dads, right? So embarrassing.


h/t dJournal