A UK based actor who goes by Miss L started tweeting out all the annoying, stupid, sexist and frequently hilariously terrible casting notices she sees for women. Miss L is in her thirties, and has been acting for about 10 years, so something must have snapped recently. Or she discovered what millions of Americans have: venting your feelings online sometimes makes living in the real world marginally easier.

Miss L told Mashable that though the tweets are funny, the cause behind them is not so much:

I was finding the casting calls so ridiculous that I just had to share them to show people what actors are dealing with on a daily basis... It's a constant in so many of the casting calls I read, whether it's blatant sexism in stating how a woman should look or act, or castings where men are playing the leads and women are playing secondary roles.

Not only are they playing secondary roles, they're often just playing disembodied parts. Get ready to sad-laugh:














Miss L also has a Tumblr, where she posts some choice phrases as lovely memes, if you want to share the wealth. I did wonder if perhaps they don't make much sense out of context, somewhat like a pair of floating boobs. [h/t Mashable]