As far as we're concerned, the whole point of having kids is tweeting the absurd and vaguely disturbing things they say. There's nothing quite like seeing inside the mind of a tiny person who hasn't yet been shaped cultural norms (and common decency). And we owe the Twitter famous and fabulous Kelly Oxford a huge thank you for bringing us the wise words of her seven-year-old daughter, Bea. 

For someone who's been on this planet for less than a decade, Bea has made some very astute observations about the world around her— and they are completely hilarious. This kid needs her own TV show. Behold, the world according to Bea:

She actually has a decent strategy for going on The Bachelor

And she's very inquisitive. 

She knows a lot for her age. 

Like, a lot. 


And she's just beginning to understand the injustice in the world. 

She's definitely not the most empathetic person. 

Savage, Bea. 

And she has her thoughts on all the bullsh*t that goes on in Canada. 

She can be a little bit defensive. 

But mostly, she's insightful AF.

She definitely isn't concerned with anyone else's self esteem.

And she's pretty damn sassy. 

Honestly, we should probably be completely terrified of her. 

This kid is clearly going places, though. 


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BuzzFeed asked Oxford if people were sometimes surprised by Bea's... adult-like personality. Apparently, they are. "All the time. Every day."

You do you, Bea. 


Yo' they learn this trick young.

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