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This Clueless Dad Who Sent His Daughter To Daycare In Only Overalls Has Won The Internet's Heart

Clueless new dads make for the best Internet material. They're just getting a handle on this whole caring-for-a-tiny-person-thing, which is no small task, so mistakes are made. Frequently. Our current favorite Internet Dad is Jeremy, who has no idea how to dress a child.

Jeremy's wife, Imgurian Laureeadeline, posted this photo of their daughter at daycare... After she'd been dressed and dropped off by Dad in the morning. 

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...Yes, she is shirtless and in overalls. What a look

So, the amused mother decided to clue her husband in on the mistake. It was pretty glorious.

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Oh, Jeremy. His child fashion ignorance has won him some Internet fame— the photo has racked up over 150,000 views on Imgur. 

Of course, plenty of hapless dads Imgurians jumped to the father's defense.

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It happens to the best of us. A for effort, though! Besides, we've all gone shirtless with overalls at some point in our lives. Probably.

And hey, she made it to daycare, right? Successful parenting, check. 

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Although, some were less than impressed at Jeremy's dadding skills. And his comprehension of the English language.

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Thank goodness there's photo evidence. This will be one of those cherished memories to bring up every Father's Day until the end of time.