I love a good social media meltdown.  I occasionally break out the popcorn, but it's only on days when the brand that sparked the initial outrage manages to take out a shovel and somehow dig themselves further down into a pit of apologies and internet rage.

Today is a popcorn day.

This is the post that started it all.


Well...the current version of it.  The original caption introduced the model, 28 year old Naomi Shimada, as being "plus-sized."

People were slightly upset:

Make that really upset:

Now at this point in time, it would've been great to mention that she was modeling a dress from their Curve & Plus Size line. 

Ten seconds on Google would've also revealed that Naomi Shimada, who wears size 16 and calls herself a plus sized model and even wrote an article on the topic last year.

But this happened instead:

Oh ASOS...


Twitter users chimed in as well:


Though a few customers recognized that ASOS unwittingly walked smack dab into the middle of the Plus-Size debate

To their credit, ASOS has opened lines of communications with the community and wants to hear from them.  Their customer service account, @ASOS_HeretoHelp, has been responding to users and doing their best to rid the stigma behind sizing for their customers and beyond.

What are your thoughts about the term "plus-sized?"  A harmless label for a range of sizes, or do you believe that it's a term used to reduce a woman to nothing more than her physical appearance?