Believe it or not, there's a small group of people who believe that if a woman has a C-section, it's the "easy way out" and that the mother doesn't actually give birth. 

Obviously, that's entirely inaccurate. And after being told something similar, new mom Jodie Shaw decided to show exactly what her emergency C-section has done to her. Shaw had a fibroid the size of a melon that was sitting on her cervix and a low muting placenta, meaning she had to have an incredibly gruesome C-section. 

She shared her thoughts on the Facebook page of Birth Without Fear, a blog for moms. 


Shaw writes...

Along with the graphic photo, Shaw wrote:

"I obviously can't change people's views but I've decided to post this picture to see if it may make people understand that despite what our birth plans might say. Sometimes we don't get a choice. I didn't get a choice."

"I had a fibroid the size of a melon sat on my cervix and a low lying placenta which meant that I've been left with no ordinary c-section scar. But whether you believe this or not. I gave birth to my baby."

"So next time you judge someone for not doing what you consider to be 'giving birth' please take a minute to think about why they may have had to deliver that way. Think about the fact that given the choice they probably wouldn't have chosen this but had no choice. Why would you choose a major operation and 6 weeks of recovery?"

"This scar saved me from losing a life-threatening amount of blood and meant my baby was brought into this world as she should be. Healthy and unharmed, as was I."

But some were still quick to still criticize mothers who have C-sections.

"I don't think that you should have a c section unless you have health issues," one commenter wrote. "Moms who have them without trying [traditional birth] annoys me. You will never know what your body can do if you don't give it chance but i'd never say to someone 'oh you didn't birth as they still had a child.'"

Others praised Shaw for sharing the photo.

Another commenter wrote: "Whoever's belly that is. She deserves a cape, a case of wine, a lifetime maid and a lifetime of praise."

One believed that the issue carries across to other aspects of life.

"It seems that whatever women do, society finds fault," the Facebook comment read. "Stay at home mom? Lazy. Working mom? Neglectful. Formula feeding? Disconnected. Breastfeeding? Too attached. Small baby? You didn't eat enough on purpose so you wouldn't get fat. Big baby? Maybe next time lay off the sugar, pregnancy is not an excuse you know. No epi? Martyr. C -section? Coward. When will it end? Women should be supporting and loving one another, and mothers should be cherished by society as a whole."