In the wake of Donald Trump's shocking presidential win, demoralized voters are struggling to mobilize themselves to organize for the causes they fought so hard to defend over last year. Would the continued hard work even matter? Would their voices be heard at all? What effect could they really have at a local level? 

The answers may be found in a series of viral tweets by a former congressional staff member, Emily Ellsworth, who worked in the district offices of Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Chris Stewart of Utah . 

The Salt Like City-based writer and editor shared her wisdom about how constituents can actually get through to their representation and make their opinions heard. 

In our current political climate, that information is pure gold. Her wisdom has been retweeted 12,000 times in just two days. 

So, here's what we need to know. Social media isn't the way to go — pick up the phone (and have realistic expectations).












Make the most of town hall meetings. 


Use staffers as a resource — and fully appreciate what they can do for you. 







So, why share this critical information?

"Like a lot of people, I've been reeling from the election," Ellsworth, a registered Republican and Hillary Clinton supporter, told CNN.

"So I thought people might like to know how you mobilize and activate individual communities to reach each member of Congress. I just thought I have this knowledge, and I did this for six years, and it's probably important for people to know what those specific actions are."

Angry about the election? Feeling unheard? Get off Twitter and grab the phone... And actually use it to talk. Someone might hear you.