The key to "having it all," it seems, is multitasking. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, so we have to double up on tasks to squeeze in everything want to accomplish. Sometimes, that even means being efficient in how we relax. 

Now, thanks to one bar that can read our minds, getting ready and going out to bars can be combined into just one step. 

A Facebook page called "Story Of My Life" posted the following video of a bar in New York City that gives customers manicures while they drink. 

Beauty Bar, located on 14th street, draws a diverse crowd that enjoys the ambiance of the retro domed hair dryers and glittery bar decorations.

Its interesting combination of services seems to have sparked interest online; the video has been shared over 150,000 times in one week. 

Beauty Bar actually has a long history — and it is only continuing to expand. 


The original Beauty Bar opened in 1995 at the former Thomas Beauty Salon. Founder Paul Devitt discovered the forty-year-old salon and decided to convert it into a "beauty saloon."

Thanks to its success in New York, Beauty Bar now has locations in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Denver, and Dallas.  

And it gets better. You can score a martini and a manicure for just $10.

We just found our new home away from home. 

Although, there is one tiny problem: nail polish smudges pretty easily even when we're sober — we're wondering how long our wet nails can stay pristine when we've had a few martinis...