Memes have gone from being nothing more than obscure references of day-to-day living to being an outlet for public outcry of inner turmoil when we feel powerless against the social constructs that enslave us all. This is a story about the first thing.

One of the most recent memes to be popularized is the Evil Kermit meme, where a person already knows what they're supposed to do, but their inner voice insists on doing something that, while easy and sometimes more satisfying, is just a bad decision on all fronts. Example:


Hahahahahahaha sorry

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50-year-old Cheryl Hannon sent a text to her 19-year-old daughter, Taylor, and asked if she was going to have dinner at home. Taylor said that it didn't seem likely, so Cheryl decided to respond in the most spectacular fashion we've seen yet.

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Taylor Hannon

Taylor told BuzzFeed News that her mom is always going the extra mile when it comes to these things.

"My mom had just walked outside in the rain, and when she got back into her office with her black raincoat on, she was like, 'Oh my god, I look like the Kermit meme'," Taylor said. "If two of my followers were fighting or if there was a new viral video or meme, she probably knew about it before I did."



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Taylor initially tweeted her mom's text for her friends to enjoy, but it took off like wildfire.




Definitely a cool mom.

(h/t BuzzFeed)