With the insanity of Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to recuperate and gear up for Christmas and the booze-fest that is New Year’s.

But before we soldier on, it’s important to learn from the mistakes we’ve already made with previous holidays. Like not having a change of clothes with you when you decided to go to that party in a sweaty banana costume, only to find yourself making a hung-over walk of shame looking like the world’s saddest piece of fruit.

It’s also good to remind ourselves that disaster can strike at any moment, like these people who suffered horrendous Thanksgiving injuries. So stay safe when you’re carving that Christmas ham or popping that bottle of champagne.

  1. Being rushed into the hospital second time today! First time was I broke my leg and now my stomach! Oh my god! Some thanksgiving
  2. so far this thanksgiving i fell down the stairs broke my foot and sprained my hand and im in the hospital now
  3. I broke my ankle visiting my family for Thanksgiving. I fell off a sidewalk. I didn't know it was broken until I returned home.
  4. I never got cramps for my period so when I got cramps for the first time I went to ER. I spent 12 hrs in there during thanksgiving for them to tell me it's my period...
  5. On thanksgiving, I got hit by a car. I lied to my parents and said I fell. I only got a dislocated elbow and a few bruises.
  6. I ended up in the er on Thanksgiving... it wasn't how I wanted spend my day!
  7. It's Thanksgiving and I'm sick in the hospital.. Life is just awesome
  8. Spending my thanksgiving in the ER. My daughter is sick I'm thankful for coffee and the hospital staff today
  9. You know thanksgiving isn't always happy and having a good time. Broke my leg. Bone was sticking out got rushed into the hospital now waiting for the pain meds. Fuck my life
  10. had my first panic attack and ended up spending my thanksgiving in the hospital. only my family and two friends know and I'm very embarrassed.
  11. being the only one to survive this accident hurts so bad. I was just released from the hospital. this took place on November 26th going to my moms house for Thanksgiving with my family.
  12. Started having really bad symptoms of an ibs flare thanksgiving day. Thought it would go away (usually it does) tonight went to the er. Found out fluid is building up in my colon from infection.
  13. Was running to catch a frisbee in heels on Thanksgiving and ate the pavement. My foot still hurts! Damn!
  14. A few years ago, my grandma fell down the stairs and rushed to the ER. Scariest/Craziest Thanksgiving to date
  15. My grandma has dementia and she burned her house down on thanksgiving
  16. Had to take my two year old to the hospital during a family thanksgiving with my boyfriend and parents. Nothing says welcome to the family like a 4 hour ER visit meeting the family for the first time
  17. That moment when you break your shoulder... Fun thanksgiving weekend....
  18. I'm going to my aunts for thanksgiving for the first time in awhile. Last time I was there for thanksgiving I ended up in the hospital. I had an allergic reaction to her heater..
  19. Memorable thanksgiving is when I had my family over and we played football in the street and slide roughed up my arm it hurt like hell
  20. This year on Thanksgiving I fell into my grandma's pool by accident