My older brother's a police officer in a town that neighbor's two of the most notoriously dangerous cities in Northern New Jersey. Most of the calls, domestic disputes, muggings, stabbings, nearly all of them are perpetrated from residents of the neighboring towns. He has some wild stories that he only shares once in a while, but when I hear them, I shudder to think what would of happened if my brother was in the wrong situation.

But protecting people's lives on a daily basis often come with a price, and unfortunately, St. Louis Police Officer Blake Snyder had to pay that price when approaching a suspicious vehicle after responding to a disturbance call. The suspect was seated in the car and opened fire on Snyder after being asked to see his hands.

Snyder didn't survive the shooting. His partner opened fire on the suspect, who was hospitalized for his wounds and is awaiting trial for first-degree murder.

Snyder is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, and their son, Malachi. Support through social media is helping her cope with her loss.

People have been sending little gifts and messages of sympathy from all over. Elizabeth shared this adorable, yet heartbreaking photo of Malachi holding two teddy bears that someone made out of his father's uniform.

Elizabeth praised the St. Louis community for their support and used Thanksgiving as a moment to express her gratitude for all the love she's been shown.

"Today I am thankful for, above all else, Blake and Malachi. My life was forever changed the day I started dating Blake Curtis. His love, kindness, generosity, and overall goofy personality won me over before I knew it. The last 6 years of my life spent with him showed me just how deep love can be and just how fast it can be taken away. The moment Blake saw Malachi for the first time will always be a memory I will cherish and hold on to. He wasn't perfect, (no one is), but he WAS a perfect father. He loved Chi with every fiber of his being and wanted the world for him. These two boys mean everything to me, and I'm thankful I have a bit of Blake still here with me. I am also thankful for every person who has generously helped support Chi and I. I'm not sure where we would be without you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I pray you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!"

A friend also found a small gift Blake got her a while back, after she thought she had lost it.

Although the loss of a spouse is something you never really forget, hopefully Elizabeth and Malachi will find peace. And with such a supportive community behind them, they have a great chance of doing just that. (h/t whotv)