Justine Elwood, 19, works at the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream store in Layton, Utah, while she's studying to become a surgical oncologist. Last week, she was serving a woman and her children when she noticed the mother giving her "dirty looks" before she heard her tell the children: "If you continue to eat too much ice cream you're going to look like her."

The teenager told ABC4 Utah that she shrugged off the entire thing, and kept helping the woman. But that night, the woman took to Yelp to leave a review of the store that called Elwood "disgustingly obese." 


Elwood's boss, Guy, was quick to reply to the review telling the woman he was "shocked" she could make such a prejudicial comment about one of his staff members. Proceeding to tell her that she would be refused service if she returned. 

The two-star review, which has since been deleted, states, among other nasty comments...

"I understand the need to hire bias free, but when someones looks interfere with my experience at an establishment I can't help but complain. As a mother I don't like my children thinking they will look that way by eating too much ice cream."

Elwood's mother, Daphne Felley, took a screenshot of the review and posted it on Facebook in an attempt to find out who the woman was. 

"Unfortunately it wasn't something I'm not used to," the teenager said. "I'm kind of used to it which is horrible but it's just something that I've kind of dealt with throughout my life."

"It's never good to hear those things about yourself. You know, it definitely didn't make me feel good for sure."

The post quickly went viral, and while no one was able to track the woman down, commenters encouraged others to flood the store's Yelp page with positive reviews.

Dozens of people gave the store five stars and left positive comments. 

"We often go to Cold Stone creamery in Layton Utah," one customer wrote. "My wife's family lives there. We were recently at Cold Stone in Layton; Justine was great with the kids and made some fun suggestions for them to try something new and different than what they normally get. Cold Stone is lucky to have her. She's great at her job, is a hard-working employee, and yes, she is beautiful inside and out. After we left this most recent time, my wife suggested we write corporate to praise Justine."

"First of all, Justine is awesome," another stated. "Guy, the owner, stands up for his employees and to bullies that hide behind their keyboards and pretend to be all brave and funny when they are just sad, lonely and insecure. I feel sorry for those bullies."