If you look at the history of really successful people they all shared one common trait: true ambition. And by "true" I mean ambition that they acted upon with full force. They had a dream or desire or idea and went after it doggedly, never giving up no matter how many times they fell down.

And baker Collette Divitto seems to have that true ambition that is the mark of so many successful business people.

Rejected from job after job at bakeries, Divitto decided to open her own business and make it on her own.

She recently opened Collettey's Cookies to get her secret recipe into the bellies of as many sweet-lovers as possible. Things were rocky, at first.

A mere 10 days ago she was selling 100 cookies a week at her local Golden Goose market. The store's owner, Stephen DeAngelis was the only grocer in town to give her space on the shelf for her baked goods.

But after news spread of her entrepreneurial spirit, she has to fill 4,000 orders from all over the country. That's a whopping 50,000 cookies.

Her bakery is growing so rapidly that The Commonwealth Kitchen, a non-profit business assistance program is working with Collette to help her grow her business. Collette's even started a GoFundMe to raise funds for her own facility.

Collette believes that her business will be a model for other entrepreneurs with disabilities.

It's pretty amazing that she was able to turn her hobby into a successful business that'll hopefully inspire others to follow and live off of their dreams.