Is there anything cooler than building a pillow fort with your siblings, cousins, or friends when you're a kid? For some reason eating snacks or playing gameboy in your own little cave made out of fluffy home goods is amazing.

The same unfortunately didn't apply to the great outdoors for me. I never really liked camping out in a tent in the wilderness. But put it inside and I'm all for it.

Which is why I'm seriously considering getting this awesome tent bed.

Because not only is it everything you wanted as a kid, it's supposed to help give you a better night's sleep.

Created by Privacy Pop, the Bed Tent helps to keep excess light and people out of your sleeping space, giving you added solace to help you drift away in slumber land more easily.

It starts at $130 for twin sized beds and all you do is put the mattress on top of the mattress or bed frame you already own and you've got yourself a snooze sanctuary.


It's a similar set up to a regular tent without the pain of having to hammer stakes into the ground and all that.


It's offered in nearly every mattress size in a variety of colors and patterns. Not sure how many homes have a woodlands paint-theme, but if you're trying to blend into your bedroom wall, then the camo one is a good choice.