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Man Gets Stuck Next To Passenger Who Took His Pants Off And Live Tweeted The Entire Thing

Traveling during the holidays is the absolute worst. Everything is crowded, there's the risk of your flight getting canceled because of snow, and people just don't seem to be in the holiday spirit when they're confined to a tin can.

But comedian Kumail Nanjiana may have run into the worst airline passenger in history. He took to Twitter to share how a guy on his flight made himself very much at home while he was traveling.

Nanjiani explained that the flight was pretty long, at 5 and a half hours. But this monster apparently took his pants off and spread eagle within the first 20 minutes. 

Eventually, one of the flight attendants tried to say something. 

But that didn't last long.

The man decided to put his jeans back on a few minutes before landing.

I hate people.