All babies are cute (okay, maybe except for a couple terrifying exceptions you see on Christmas cards every few years) but unique-looking babies are the cutest of all... Lest we forget the newborn baby with a full head of hair or the bundle of joy sporting a streak of white hair

However, a new viral celebrity baby has won our hearts. 

Çinar, a 14-month-old from Ankara, Turkey is particularly lovable — thanks to the heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead. 

The little boy's parents, Ceyda and Murat Engin, weren't the only ones surprised by the unique look upon his arrival. "He is a love baby!" a nurse squealed upon seeing the red heart on the newborn's forehead. 

The nurses proceeded to take selfies with him. It's 2017, after all. 

Çinar's family (and the media) can't get enough of the little guy. 

Murat couldn't control the happy tears when he first saw his son — and the birthmark. 

Now, everywhere they go, people want to snap a photo of their bundle of joy. But the attention doesn't bother the Engin family. 

"We believe that he was born with this chance," Engin said. "It was really like a gift from God. None of us had negative feelings."

After all, what brings people together better than a really cute baby that has an actual heart on his head?

Perhaps Çinar has a modeling career in his future. 

He may be just over a year old, but this goober has a solid fan base that is ready to see him shine.

According to Murat, Çinar's well on his way to stardom: "He already has many fans."

...You can include us in that fan club. (h/t good housekeeping)