Prison. Put whatever spin on it you want, but the only redeeming quality it’ll ever have is that it keeps people that want to hurt you or take your stuff off the streets, at least when the justice system is doing its job, which we know doesn’t always happen.

Going to prison is a life changing event for most. Losing the freedom to go where you want, when you want, along with aany semblance of privacy, is enough to put most on a path that will ensure that they never impede on their own liberties again.

With advances in science, the once rare error in judgment that led to the imprisonment of an innocent person has become almost commonplace, with only the major stories of someone spending half a lifetime in prison making headlines anymore.

Regardless of whether they’re innocent or not, panic sets in, relationships break down, and the regret of what they did to get there takes full hold. Take a look at these 19 souls. These are some of the last messages they sent out to the world before going in to do time. A few of these are pretty easy to shrug off, but some of them will definitely leave you wondering if the sentencing guidelines are too harsh.


  1. I'm going to prison in 5 days and I didn't even do the crime, goodbye next 10 years
  2. I'm going to prison and I all I can think is I'll have let my nine year old sister down
  3. I'm going to prison. No idea how to handle this.
  4. I was abandoned just before I'm going to prison
  5. I'm going to prison And I'm freaking out WTF should I do
  6. I'm going to prison, just want to die.
  7. I'm going to prison tomorrow, it's weird I'm not scared, I'm empty
  8. I'm going to prison soon and my Girlfriend of 5 months wants to make it work. I'm scared it won't be the same when I come back :(
  9. I stole money from my work, now I'm going to prison. I deserve the punishment, but my family have disowned me.
  10. I'm about to go to prison and nobody in my life knows because I've kept my legal issues a secret.
  11. I'm going to jail within the next month. My anger has reached a dangerous level and I'm about to lash out.
  12. I'm going to jail for 3 months for a lie my exgf told. Today I found out she had been cheating on me for a year.
  13. I'm going to jail for a crime most ppl with records get probation for & I've never been in trouble! All bc I can't afford a lawyer I get to leave my little girl for at least a year! I'm brokenhearted!
  14. I'm going to jail because I hit a woman who hit the mother of my child, the mother who is 29 weeks pregnant. #worthit
  15. People laugh when I tell them I'm going to jail they think I'm joking and im not
  16. I'm going to jail and I can't seem to stop helping others out. Maybe it's my minds way of coping with the situation.
  17. I'm going to jail in 8 days for 2 months and no one cares. I wish someone would love me.
  18. Caught my second possession charge in a year... Now I'm going to jail. Great.
  19. I'm going to jail for more than 5 years for a crime I didn't commit.
  20. Tonight I'm going to jail for hitting someone who hit a kid. I have no regret. He's lucky he ain't dead