Sometimes you just want a little bit of privacy whether it's at home or at work. Sure you can put your phone on silent and not respond to messages for a few hours, but then there's always some pesky person trying to start up conversations with you and get you to be all social.

I'm the kind of person who won't shut the hell up and about three minutes into my mindless blabbering I realize that I haven't let the other person talk. That's when a horrible realization dawns on me: I'm making the other person uncomfortable, but how do I know? So I could shut up and mind my business, which only lasts for so long.

What a guy like me could really use is some type of visual cue that's an unmistakable declaration that the person I'm in contact with doesn't want to talk to me.

Something like the 'leave me alone' sweater would get the message out loud and clear.


Developed by Ruth Grace, the introvert-friendly sweater is admittedly "more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing."


But you could wear the thing in a variety of different ways, so you don't have to inhibit your vision or breathing for the sake of avoiding people.


She even details how to make your own 'leave me alone' sweater on Instructables.



So if you want to make the sweater and a bold statement against people who won't give you your personal space, check it out.


It seems to have made Ruth a very happy camper.