If you've flirted with someone online at some point in time, you're going to be asked for nudes. Especially if you're female. It's almost the first thing someone asks you on a dating site. As a guy, I don't know what other dudes are thinking. I remember when I used to date online and after I'd match with a girl on our first date we'd usually get into conversations about what it was like dating online and using mobile apps in search of romance.

Unsurprisingly, our experiences were wildly different. Every girl I matched with and dated, minutes into our conversation would mention how they were "glad I wasn't a creep" or complain about the unsolicited nude pictures dudes would send them right or request right off the bat.

If I were a girl getting skeeved out by dudes sending me random shots of their junk, I'd block them immediately. But some people come up with creative ways at clapping back at the creeps.

Like Imgur user leonaloir, who obliged one dude's request for photos of "thighs...breasts...[and] legs".


The thing is, he probably didn't count on her being so punny.


And she wouldn't quit either.


In the end, she seemed pretty satisfied with herself.


Good for her.