Piers Morgan hasn't annoyed anyone for more than a week, so the universally hated TV personality fired off a tweet in hopes of reminding us why we should be grateful that he was ridiculed off of US television and shipped back to the UK in an old Amazon box.

Unable to contain himself, he had to comment on the Women's March that went on in DC in the most Piers Morgan way possible.

Morgan, who currently co-hosts Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid and seems to be attempting to reinvent himself in a way that will actually get even more people to roll their eyes at him, was shut down by the journalist and presenter he shares he currently shares a screen during the week.

But she wasn't the only one to respond to Morgan's absurd tweet. Ed Miliband, former Leader of the Labour Party sent this his way.

While many people, be they celebrity or citizen, took shots at him on Twitter...





The Grillmaster for the day was none other than our own Patton Oswalt.


And his fans.









And when Piers tried to play off the whole thing...

Oswalt delivered the finishing blow.

Piers is really comfortable with being the guy everybody loves to hate.