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Police Officer Comes Back With Winter Coat For Homeless Man He Originally Ticketed

Just because a cop is doing his job, doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart. Sure, it's easy to want to start blasting some NWA after a cop pulls you over for doing 55 in the 54, and some cops situate themselves in speed traps because monthly ticketing quotas are most certainly a thing.

There's basically a little law for everything that they can slap you with a ticket for if they wanted to and some of them have dark histories despite their seemingly ridiculous natures, like jaywalking.

But even if a cop writes you out a ticket and completely ruins your day, there are some officers out there who are still concerned with doing what's right as opposed to simply enforcing the law.

Like Chicago Officer Pete White who ticketed a homeless man for blocking traffic.

White noticed as he was writing the man the ticket that the thin coat he was wearing offered little protection against the harsh Chicago Winter. So he promised that he would return the following day with a coat of his own so the man could at least keep warm.

The video above was taken by White's partner, fellow officer Bob Osborne. He uploaded it to facebook with the following message.

My partner Pete doing a good deed. We wrote this guy a ticket 3 weeks ago and he had a thin little jacket so Pete promised him that he would bring him his old coat. When we finally saw him again Pete gave him his coat. See Pete White you are not such a bad guy. CPD is the best!

His post was shared nearly 2,000 times, with tons of people applauding the officer's matter-of-fact kindness.


Now I'm sure that the panhandler would've much rather not been ticketed at all, but at least he was spared getting another ticket that day and has a little more protection against the cold.