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The Internet's Having A Complete Meltdown Over Beyoncé Twins Announcement

If there ever was a woman who'd be crowned the unofficial Queen of all humanity, Beyoncé would probably be right up there.

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So it only makes sense that literally everything the pop star does gets a ton of eyes on it. From lip sync battles, from controversial Superbowl Halftime Shows, everything Bey touches gets people talking about it. Hell, she can't even write a song without the thing throwing Twitter in a frenzy.

Her latest announcement has been kept out of the public eye for quite some time and she just dropped the news on Instagram.

That's right, Queen Bey is having twins.

Hmm, let's see how Twitter's going to react to the news? Surely they'll be level-headed about the whole thing?

LOL, yeah right they were either freaking out...

Making jokes too...

And someone pointed out an incredible "coincidence".

And others wanted to know what this meant for her Coachella appearance.

And this person who expertly summed up every response to any Bey announcement ever.

Whatever your reaction, here's to two new healthy, beautiful babies in the world. Congratulations Jay and Bey!