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This Chicken Playing 'America The Beautiful' On Piano Is Just What America Needs

This Chicken Playing 'America The Beautiful' On Piano Is Just What America Needs
Updated 1 year ago

The United States is more divided now that it has ever been, outside the Civil War of course. 

It seems like there are only two things Americans can agree on. America is beautiful, and chickens are dope. Fortunately, a video now exists that will bring us together once more. 

The chicken named Jokgu is from Germantown, Maryland. She lives in a coop with other hens. Together, they have their own chicken band called the Flockstars. Yes, really.

It is clear from that video that Jokgu is the real break out star of the group. Her co-owner, Shannon Meyers, noticed that Jokgu was destined for greatness and wanted to see what else she could do. 

Ms. Meyers trained her chicken using "Clicker Training." A form of training which she describes as "You click when the behavior is done, then reward because you can click faster than give a reward, they immediately associate the click with the wanted behavior which then leads to reward." It seemed to work as Jokgu was able to get to this level after about two weeks. 

If you are wondering why "America The Beautiful" was chosen to be Jokgu's break out hit, the reason is two fold. The first is that it is pretty easy song to play. I'll let Ms. Meyers explain the other reason.

"My chicken coop partner’s family, of Asian heritage, immigrated here. We wanted Jokgu (which is Korean for a type of football/soccer game) to play something that I thought at the heart is so true ― that America is Beautiful."

Well said. Any country where animals can launch music career is indeed beautiful.