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Customer Left A Racist Note On A Receipt Despite Amazing Service Because The Owner Is 'Mexican'

If you looked at any media since Donald Trump was elected, you've probably come across a story of Trump supporters vandalizing this person's car or leaving this racist note here or committing this kind of hate crime there. Some of the stories have been fake - drummed up by people looking to get some attention or stir up some drama. 

A lot of the instances of hate, however, have been proven true. And of course they vary in severity. Growing up, I never really cared whenever some random person at a store or gas station started asking me all sorts of weird questions once they found out my name was Mustafa, or straight up got nasty after discovering I was Muslim. 

Fernando Franco was enjoying a nice dinner with his wife at his own Italian restaurant when an employee came up to him with a receipt that contained a pretty racist message. One that was bafflingly-worded, too. 

 It read:

"The food was tasty and the service was attentive. However, the owner is Mexican. We will not return. America First."

Yes, because apparently "America First" means turning your back on delicious food due to the owner's country of origin. 

Franco said that he felt disappointed, but didn't really know how to react to the letter otherwise.

He went on to say that even though he was disheartened by the letter, he doesn't believe that most people "don't think like" the customer who left the message on his receipt. He added that he'd be happy to have them back as a customer, too. (h/t wistv