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This Heroic Constituent Sent Her Senator A Pizza When His Office Couldn't Take Her Message

This Heroic Constituent Sent Her Senator A Pizza When His Office Couldn't Take Her Message
Updated 1 year ago

Since Donald Trump's inauguration, millions of infuriated voters have been contacting their representation in congress to vent their frustrations with the new administration and to make clear their views on upcoming ballot initiatives and federal appointments. 

As a result, Capitol Hill has been inundated with snail mail, emails, calls, faxes, and carrier pigeons (probably not the last one) — and lines of communication are getting clogged. 

But one woman was determined to make her voice heard. 

Julia Silge, a concerned citizen from Salt Lake City, Utah, decided to try a different approach after she was unable to reach her senator by phone: pizza delivery.

The 38-year-old mother-of-three tweeted a photo of her GrubHub order to be delivered to senator Orrin Hatch's office: a pineapple and ham (Hawaiian) pizza, with a side of political activism. 

In the 'special instructions' box, Silge wrote:

From a Salt Lake constituent in 84105: Please vote NO on Betsy DeVos. She is an inappropriate choice to lead our public schools.

Even the pizza itself was a political statement. "It's a divisive, controversial choice, much like Betsy DeVos," she told The Salt Lake Tribune (this woman is a hero). 

Silge was starting to feel optimistic that her message might actually make it through to Hatch's office.

Is this the new "Call Your Congressman!" approach? Seems like a much more persuasive way to start a dialogue with politicians. 

Unfortunately, security foiled her brilliant plan — and she recommends thinking twice before sending any deliveries to federal buildings.
Luckily, she didn't face any severe consequences — and we now have heard the term "suspicious pizza" in an official context.
It gets better — her stunt got so much press that her senator's office had to release a statement about the pizza scandal.

"We appreciate all creative efforts to reach Senator Hatch, particularly as we deal with a large volume of out-of-state callers that are preventing Utah constituents from reaching us," Orrin Hatch's office said in a statement. "Unfortunately, the pizza did not make it through security screening because the office had not ordered it. As a result, we did not see the message attached to the pizza."

Luckily, they can read the message in a local paper or see it on Rachel Maddow

Julia, it's people like you who give us faith in American voters. Never stop dreaming.