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'Tiny Trump' Is The Internet's Newest Meme And It's Already A Classic

Donald Trump hates when people point out that his hands are tiny. So just to troll him even more, people have started photoshopping pictures of the President so that he's only two feet tall. Unsurprisingly, the Internet is loving it.

I mean, look at this.
How could you not love this?
The tiny eagle has landed.
Just look at how big this executive order is.
Remember, Donald Trump DOES NOT own a bathrobe.
He's yuge.
Chilling with the boys.
I made Trump 2 ft tall. It makes him look cute next to the secret service.
A good day for some mini golf.
Trump welcoming 'Prime Minister Steal Your Girl.'
TinyTrump welcoming Mr Canada
Little Trump, big press conference.
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This is amazing.

This may be the best meme to date. Of course, it's up against some serious competition considering how popular 'Trump Draws' has become.