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This Guy's Disrespectful Text Is Going Viral After He Sent It to The Wrong Woman

Sometimes people are their own worst enemies. Often times, it's an offshoot of hubris that ends up taking them down. Twitter user @killermarecat saw this happen first hand after inviting a guy over.

Try not to cringe when you read it.

There's no telling who the 'bro' was that @killermarecat's gentleman suitor wanted to inform that he was going to be 'balls deep' that evening, but he may have seen it after she tweeted their exchange to the world, mercifully leaving his name out of it.

Her friends were the first to see the guy's self-cockblock
But it quickly spread to a few dozen thousand other people on Twitter
The tweet made its way to our mystery man, too.

 The tweet has received more than 22,000 retweets and 88,000 likes. There's a lesson here I'm sure, but I enjoyed this too much to not want to see it happen again, so you won't be getting it out of me. We haven't had any updates since, but I'm willing to bet that the guy is still balls deep in regret over his poorly aimed text. Live and learn -- and try being respectful to women, while you're at it.