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99-Year-Old Woman Can Now Scratch Going To Prison Off Her Bucket List

99-Year-Old Woman Can Now Scratch Going To Prison Off Her Bucket List
1 year ago

Having a bucket list is a great way to keep track of the more fulfilling goals in life that you want to do or accomplish. Traveling to certain places is usually on everyone's bucket list, and for a 99-year-old grandmother in the Netherlands, that place was behind bars.

Bijna 100 en een bucketlist: Vanochtend hebben we Annie een zeer mooie dag kunnen bezorgen door één van haar laatste...

Posted by Politie Nijmegen-Zuid on Thursday, February 23, 2017

After receiving the request from the aspiring felon's niece, police in Nijmegen-Zuid, Netherlands cuffed and booked 99-year-old Annie so she would know what life as a felon was like.

The police station shared pictures to their Facebook page and said while this wouldn't normally be allowed, they wanted to help grant one of her final wishes, and said it was a day that she (and others) wouldn't forget. 

Police weren't aware of why going to prison was on her bucket list, but she seemed happy enough about it in the end. The tiny department's prison photoshoot went viral in and out of the country, amassing over 4000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares from people worldwide.

People were happy for her, and proud of the police department for playing along.
They might even have a similar case in the future on their hands.