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The Powerful Reason Women Lawmakers Wore White At Trump's Congressional Address

Protest can come in many forms. For my year and a half old son, it's throwing himself to the ground and flailing when I don't give him a ceramic mug I just know he's going to throw to the floor and break like he's done with five others in our home.

But there are more subtle and refined forms of protest that can be applied to situations, especially situations of greater social importance.

Like what these female lawmakers did as Donald Trump gave his first congressional address.

They all donned "suffragette white" clothing to send a clear message to our current President that they support women's rights.
Democratic lawmakers tweeted photos of their white outfits with the hashtag, #WomenWearWhite.
Male lawmakers joined in as well. California State Representative Mark Takano tweeted this photo of him wearing a yellow rose as a symbol of women's rights.