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Denny's Put A Secret, Dark Message In Its Syrup, Appealing To The Nihilist In All Of Us

When it comes to America's Diner, you don't really think of dark and edgy, unless you're talking about burnt, sharp corners of bacon, then yeah, that could definitely be dark and edgy.

But the image of it being a wholesome, family-friendly place is one that's usually associated with the restaurant chain. I mean, a fitting image of Denny's is an establishment filled with ravenous stoners at 1AM seeing how much of their bellies they can fill with $10 is an adequate one as well.

But wholesome and kind of hokey is definitely what Denny's is known for, which is why their latest tweet is causing such a hullabaloo on Twitter.

Zoom in on this photo's bottom right corner and follow it down the rabbit hole.

I mean, that's kind of a heavy existential joke to put on a stack of pancakes, right?

People were floored that the Denny's Twitter account, of all Twitter accounts, would share such an edgy meme.
People even began questioning why other chain restaurants couldn't be any cooler.
As clever as Denny's meme is, they're not the first ones to do the "zoom in" idea.
And when it comes to edgy fast food accounts, there's also Nihilistic Arby's. But it's worth mentioning that this account isn't an official Arby's one.

"Edgy" for this one would be an understatement.