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Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' Inspired Reaction Videos That Are Going Viral For The Funniest Reason

There's a scene in Jordan Peele's new movie Get Out, a thriller that starts off uncomfortable enough as it is when the African-American protagonist's interracial relationship with his girlfriend is met with some pretty clear disapproval from her parents. As the story progresses, you find out that many of the estate's residents, who are black, have gone missing for some pretty nefarious reasons.

As with most thrillers, there's a scene that stuck with everyone that saw the film where someone makes a b-line straight to the film's protagonist and breaks right when he's only inches away.

It became known as 'that scene from Get Out,' and the internet's newest challenge was born.
No location was off limits.
Some groups of friends insisted on being extra and took things up a notch.
As always, a few attempts didn't go exactly as planned.

When the #GetOutChallenge goes wrong

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And then the skits came.
Even celebrities started taking part in it.

Trying to escape the sunken place #getout

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Almost busted..... #getoutchallenge #TeamTYR

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No rolled ankles yet

Have you made your own Get Out Challenge video? Share it in the comments, but please be safe.