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This Woman's Sign Illustrates The Double Standard Between Men And Women's Healthcare, And It Will Definitely Make You Think

This Woman's Sign Illustrates The Double Standard Between Men And Women's Healthcare, And It Will Definitely Make You Think
1 year ago

Hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance is a huge, huge problem. Sadly, you can find it in a lot of political movements today. People will blindly support "liberal" ideas and agendas without so much as a second thought, and the same for "conservative" values. Some people (myself included) were so happy to get Obama elected after the garbage fire that was George W. Bush's presidency, that we didn't really hold him accountable for all the drone bombings, not doing more to preserve the democratic majority we held in senate and congress, or any of his other promises of "change." Yeah, I remember those first fliers with his face on it!

That's not say Obama wasn't a good president, but there's no denying that when he first started campaigning, everyone thought we were going to get a new JFK. It turns out that wasn't the case, but still, I allowed my bias because "our guy won" to not criticize him as much as I could have. On the flip side, cognitive dissonance also applies to republicans.

It still boggles my mind how someone like Mike Pence, who calls himself a Christian, could support so many laws that basically devalue human life. Or worse yet, people who overwhelmingly use Obamacare but vote against healthcare solutions that would make their lives exponentially better. 

Or people who are against family planning because it's "God's Will" so they want Planned Parenthood defunding, but have no problem using tax dollars for Viagra.
Something Twitter user @taamimiim pointed out with this savage sign.

Tammi held up the amazing sign at a recent protest that pointed to how hypocritical people are when it comes to women's bodies as compared to men's.

The Department of Defense did spend a whopping $84.24 million on erectile dysfunction drugs in 2014.

People are trying to say that Tammi wants to defund erectile dysfunction drugs, however, that wasn't the point of her sign at all: she just wants to know why caring about men's sexual and reproductive issues are more important than women's.

Her tweet opened up a floodgate of interesting information: like the insane double standards when it comes to medical pricing between men and women.

Viagra and equivalents are sometimes used by women as heart medication as it helps open up ones arteries so to speak and promote better blood flow. However if a woman needed Viagra as a heart medication it would cost $700, according to this doctor. For a man who's got erectile dysfunction? $20.

People really had a problem with Tammi's message and said some unbelievable things.
Others tried pointing out the flaws in Tammi's logic...
...but her sign was pretty much on point.
Mostly though, people just loved the sign.