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74-Year-Old Arrested For 'Massacring' Kim Kardashian's Books In Barnes And Noble
Two years ago, Kim Kardashian released a book.
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In my opinion, it's really more of an analog Instagram account than a book, but it's technically a book.

This is 74-Year-Old Carl Puia from Connecticut.
Glastonbury Police Department

He isn't a fan. On Monday March 6th, he turned himself in for the crime of walking into a local Barnes and Noble and destroying a few of Kim's selfie books a few months prior.

He was caught on camera pouring red liquid onto the books, ruining them and thus depriving the masses of enjoyment. He even left a hate filled note for the staff to find that stated his motivation for the crime was because he hated people like Kim Kardashian.. Police painted a pretty gruesome photo of the crime scene with a Facebook post.

GLASTONBURY MAN ARRESTED FOR DESTROYING KARDASHIAN SELFIES BOOKS. On 3/6/17 at 1530 hours, a 74 year old Glastonbury...

Posted by Glastonbury Police Department on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

He was released on a $2500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on March 22nd. In my opinion, this has the makings for some great CourtTV drama if people can get him to sign the papers in time. I mean, who isn't excited to see how this turns out?