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Joe Biden Revealed His Favorite Obama-Biden Bromance Meme And It's A Classic

No matter how you feel about Obama's presidency, you have to admit that when it comes to VP-President duos, it doesn't get much better than Barack and Joe.

Their relationship's been immortalized in memes that are pretty much the best of the best when it comes to politically-themed bromance humor on the internet

And it's been confirmed that Biden and Obama are aware of the awesomeness of their memes. The question is, which one is their all time favorite?

Well, we can know for sure which one is Joe Biden's favorite, thanks to a recent interview with his daughter Ashley.

While speaking with Moneyish, she said that her dad "sat there for an hour and laughed" after she showed him the memes. But this was the one that stood out the most to the former Vice President.

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 "My parents had a nice relationship with the Obamas and still do. Dad's old school, but the other day for Sunday dinner, he wore a blue zip down," she said. 

Ashley just launched her own line of socially conscious hoodies. If she really wants them to fly off the shelves, she should consider printing a few with some classic Obama-Biden memes on them.