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J.K. Rowling Revealed Her Next Book Title By Playing Hangman With Fans On Twitter
1 year ago

J.K Rowling is currently working on her next installment of the Cormoran Strike series (yes, she does write things that aren't Harry Potter related), and received a tweet from an inquisitive fan.

Rowling, well known for giving fans a chance to guess everything from release dates to the background stories of famous characters, decided to add 'book titles' to the list and gave fans an opportunity to guess the title.

This caught everyone's attention. Giving her well read fans two letters and a fixed number of spaces means someone would eventually guess right.
Which she knew.
The wrong guesses were both plentiful and hilarious.
A few people tried to finesse another hint out of her.
Some book titles were wrong but did catch her attention.
Plenty of swings, with just as many misses.
But as the number of words in the English language that fit the silhouette of the title began to dwindle, the guesses started getting warmer.
Still plenty of off guesses though.
But suddenly...
And the prize they didn't know was up for grabs was his.
Good times with a universally adored author.
Worth noting that plenty of great titles were dropped that are now ripe for the picking.

No word on a release date for the fourth installment of the series just yet, but you can expect Lethal White to pop up on your Amazon preorder suggestions soon enough.