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Woman Parodies Viral BBC Interview To Remind Us How Much Moms Put Up With

Woman Parodies Viral BBC Interview To Remind Us How Much Moms Put Up With
1 year ago

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until the day that I die, there's nothing more impressive or powerful in the world than a strong woman. Especially a strong mother. I mean at the end of the day, there isn't a single human being on this planet that wasn't born from a woman, but I feel like we tend to take this for granted.

I'm constantly looking to my wife for help, for answers, and as much as I try to not take her amazingness for granted, which I know I will do so I try to front-load being a good husband, I know I'll fall horribly short every single time. Because she does a ridiculous amount of work and puts in a crazy amount of effort to give both me and our son an incredible life.

It's hard to find many things on the web that truly capture the multifarious amazingness that moms are capable of. But thanks to Jono and Ben, a New Zealand-based satirical news and entertainment TV show, we have a little video that sums it up with some fantastic humor, to boot.

Their 'BBC Dad' parody video showcases what would happen if a woman was interrupted on live TV.
It all starts off plainly enough: her daughter comes into the room and she quickly feeds her mid-interview, never breaking thought or cadence.
Then her other child comes in and she manages to handle both kids simultaneously.
And then she takes out dinner...
Then it starts getting even crazier when she presses a shirt and cleans a toilet...
And eventually diffuses a bomb.

All before her husband comes running in looking for his socks. As a husband, I can confirm that I never have any idea where any of my clothes or at any given moment. What the hell would we do without great moms?