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J.K. Rowling Burns Trump's Maturity After He Ignores Merkel's Handshake

1 year ago

If you're not in the mood to see something super-duper awkward, then by all means do not look at this video of Trump refusing to shake hands with Angela Merkel after she was invited to the White House.

The bizarre and frankly, embarrassing, encounter got people all in a tizzy on Twitter, as it was seen as a clear dig against the German politician.

Trump received his fair share of roasts over the incident, but when it comes to burning the Donald on Twitter, it doesn't get much better than J.K. Rowling.

And the wildly successful author threw in her two cents about the fiasco when she tweeted this perfect caption.

Rowling could possibly be referring to the fact that Merkel appeared to be laughing at Trump as he lied directly to journalists during their joint-briefing.

People pretty much agreed that Rowling hit what was going on in that photo right on the nose.

Others pointed at the obvious differences between the two people.
And in case you need a refresher of how cringe-inducing the whole thing was, just look at the video footage below:

Be on the lookout for Trump to send a tweet insulting Rowling's looks, or how the Harry Potter series is overrated.