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These Grandparents Are Obsessed With In-N-Out And We're Obsessed With Them

I love cheeseburgers. If caloric intake or health wasn't an issue, I could gladly eat a burger for every meal, every day, for the rest of my life.

Whenever I visit Los Angeles, just to give you an example, the only thing I eat while I'm there is the free hotel breakfast and In-N-Out. And if there's no free breakfast? Well, guess who is having a burger brunch with animal style fries? That's right: This guy.

The sheer joy I have before biting into a burger is something that can't be faked. There's a twinkle in my eyes that's there if you look really closely, even if I'm not smiling.

So I totally get this girl's adorable grandpa who sends her excited, pre-burger photographs everytime he visits In N Out.

I mean just look at that smile, it's like he's showing off a Blue Ribbon dog or something.

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Except it's a burger, and not a dog. And he's going to eat it.

Her Grandma has taken A LOT of photos of their trips to the burger chain.

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As overused as the phrase may be, they are the very definition of relationship goals.

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And Twitter agrees.

Some think they deserve free burgers for life, which would make me insanely jealous.

Others are just loving Grandpa's swag.

True love exists people.

I hope to be this happy to get a burger with my wife decades from now.