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Reporter Learns The Hard Way Why You Don't Interview Australians On Live TV

The only thing I really know about Australia is the fact that it's filled with dangerous creatures. And, like most of us, some of my favorite actors come from there.

And I'm also very, very aware of the stereotype that Australians don't really give a damn about what other people think and will say whatever's on their mind.

Like this fine gentleman, who apparently has somewhat of a reputation for trolling authorities and journalists by getting drunk and acting like a member of the gentry.

Please forgive my lack of education when it comes to Aussies, but it seems like they know how to enjoy a good joke.

Like this gentleman who trolled a reporter so hard, that the sheer awkwardness of the situation was spelled out on the journalist's face.

The horror...the horror...

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His fellow countrymen were proud of his response.

And others weren't surprised by the combination of IDGAF Aussies and Live TV.

I know who I want to be like when I grow up.