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Woman Lost 186 Pounds And Is Desperate To Remove 'Apron' Of Excess Skin

Woman Lost 186 Pounds And Is Desperate To Remove 'Apron' Of Excess Skin
Updated 1 year ago

If you look at history, we know people often achieved greatness by undertaking drastic measures.

The same is true for Kayla Butcher, a young woman who had to go through some extreme lengths to lose a whopping 186 pounds.

But losing that much weight leaves a heck of a lot of excess skin.

She calls the ring of flesh around her belly an "apron" and attributes her initial obesity to being raised with "toxic" eating habits. For example, she explains there were no limits put on what her and her siblings could eat. 

Although Kayla was an active child, engaging in hockey, softball, track, and volleyball, she still gained weight due to her poor eating habits.

When Kayla was 14, she was diagnosed with depression. Food became her escape and the pounds started to pile on. She left home at 16, moved to a new city to go to college, and put on around 145 pounds. The massive weight gain stopped her from playing softball, as she couldn't run to the bases. Her boyfriend also broke up with her and she failed two courses, causing her to lose her financial aid and drop out of college.

Tired of feeling bad about herself, Kayla endured a 13-month pre-operation process to get access to a government funded gastric bypass program.

She had to provide proof that she could stick to a diet. She kept a detailed journal, reduced her portions, cut out fatty and unhealthy foods, and exercised regularly, which proved to a doctor, social worker, and dietician that she could make her lifestyle changes permanent. 

In February of 2016, she underwent gastric bypass surgery which made losing the weight easier as it forced her to "quit [her] drug of choice cold turkey."

Her gastric bypass surgery may have been covered by the Canadian government, but cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin is not. When all is said and done, after her tummy tuck, and after having the excess skin removed from her arms, legs, and breasts, she's looking at a $20,000 bill.

She set up a GoFundMe, hoping strangers inspired by her journey will help her reach her goals of getting rid of the extra skin.

She feels like all of the excess skin is making her look a lot larger than she really is.

In spite of that, however, she's keeping positive.

I'm cute 😏

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"I want to be full of life and not watch it pass me by. A positive outlook can make all the difference." (h/t delish)